CyberFirst nurturing young talent

We're developing the UK's next generation of cyber professionals through our student bursaries, courses for 11-17 year olds and competitions.

Girls Competition 2018

Following the success of last year's competition we are running it again in 2018. If you are in year 8, S2 or year 9 (NI) then find a teacher who is willing to support you and get your team together. Registration opens Jan 16th 2018.

Bursaries and Apprenticeship Scheme

CyberFirst offers students a real choice after their A Levels. A CyberFirst Bursary offers undergraduates £4,000 per year financial assistance and paid cyber security work experience. A CyberFirst Degree Apprenticeship allows undergraduates to earn whilst they learn.


All our courses are carefully designed to bring out every student's potential and inspire them to consider cyber security as a career. The courses are free and aimed at 11–17 year-olds; they are a mix of residential and non-residential and based at universities and colleges across mainland UK.

Online Girls Competition

An exciting competition to inspire and encourage young girls to consider a career in cyber. For 2018, the competition will contain teams made up of 4 female students in Year 8, S2, or year 9 (NI). Could 2018 be your year?