2020 Girls Competition rules

  • All team members must be female and in Year 8 in England and Wales, S2 in Scotland and Year 9 in Northern Ireland and be attending a UK-based school.
  • UK Military schools based overseas and teams of home-schooled girls of the appropriate age are eligible to enter.
  • The registered teams must complete the qualifier round between 13th and 22nd January 2020.
  • Students should not receive any outside assistance in completing the online round. The Team Guardian is in place to guide, mentor and facilitate access to the competition
  • Teams made up of teachers or students outside the age group are not permitted to enter or compete and their accounts will be disabled when found.
  • No offensive or unethical activity is permitted throughout the competition. Evidence of this and the team or school will be disqualified.
  • Teams should not share or post answers to any of the qualifier or semi-final Challenges.
  • If successful, your school must be prepared to attend a semi-final. See Important points for teams attending the Semi-Final round below.
  • Your school must be prepared to attend the Grand Final. See Important points for teams attending the Grand Final below.
  • The top 10 teams from the regional Semi-Final will be invited to the Grand Final.
  • In the event of a tie for 10th place, the NCSC will analyse the ‘challenges’ data before deciding which school will go forward.
  • The team members that qualified in the online competition need to be the same team members that attend both the Semi-Final and the Grand Final (see below).
  • In the event of more than one team from a school achieving a score in the top ten, only the team with the highest score from that school will be eligible for the final.
  • The competition welcomes transgender entries.
  • The NCSC’s decision is final on any aspect of the competition.

The NCSC reserve the right to disqualify any teams found to be breaking the rules.

Important points for teams that qualify for the Semi-Final round

Qualifying teams for the semi-final will be required to attend at their own expense.

All team safeguarding arrangements will be provided by the school(s).

The qualifying teams will be accompanied by either their team guardian from the school or a parent or parents. These responsible adults must stay with the team for the duration of the event. 

Due to the multiple locations of the semi-final events, some teams may be required to bring either a laptop or tablet computer with them. If this is a requirement teams will be notified in advance.

Qualifying teams will be allocated a semi-final venue closest to their school.

Qualifying teams will be required to bring their own lunches to the semi-final event (unless otherwise stated). Refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Important points for teams attending the Grand Final

  • All successful teams must be prepared to arrive in the Final location on the afternoon of Sunday 15th March 2020.
  • Team travel to and from the Grand Final should be organised by the school. Travel costs may be reclaimed from the NCSC only when accompanied by a valid receipt / invoice.
  • Hotel accommodation and food for the duration of the Grand Final for the four students and Team Guardian will be organised and paid for by NCSC.
  • Emergency changes to the team may be considered providing they are submitted to the Girls Competition team 72 hours prior to the final.