2018 Girls Competition Final image

The CyberFirst Competition team picked the iconic Old Trafford Cricket ground in Manchester to host the 2018 final. The Computifuls, from The Piggott School, show the trophy and laptops they took away as 2018 Girls Competition winners.

Cyberfirst-13.jpg 2018 teams hard at work at Old Trafford Cricket ground

Cyberfirst-17.jpg Intense concentration as the girls work to crack the final problems

Cyberfirst-34.jpg Working together was key to making progress

Cyberfirst-76.jpg Our finalists take the opportunity to chat with guest judge, broadcast journalist and previous winner of Young Engineer for Britain, Steph McGovern

Cyberfirst-93.jpg The Tiffin Girls’ School preparing to present their conclusions to the panel

Cyberfirst-67.jpg All of the teams and their tutors, with Paul Chichester and Chris Ensor of the NCSC