Getting Started

Before registration

Our Information for schools guide will tell you everything you need to know about the competition, including key dates and pastoral care information.

To help encourage the girls from your school to enter this year’s competition, we’ve created a handy poster containing key dates and information. Simply download and print from the Girls Competition homepage.

Registering for the CyberFirst Girls Competition

From 10 December 2018 you will be able to register your school and create teams in preparation for the online phase of the competition.

Your school account will allow you to invite pupils to take part in the online phase of the competition. Whilst multiple accounts for a school are allowed, we recommend teachers coordinate under a single account for the school and create multiple teams.

To register your school, follow these steps:

● Go to the “Register your school” page.

Step 1

● Enter the details for the account holder at your school responsible for overseeing the pupils taking part.

○ Enter your name.

○ Enter your role at school. If you are not a Teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team, we may need to contact you later to check you have authority from your school to enter pupils.

○ Enter and confirm your contact email. Please use your school email address (if possible) as this will help us validate your account.

○ Create a password for your account and keep it safe.

○ If you haven’t already, please read the terms and conditions of the site, including the rules of the competition. You must accept these conditions on behalf of your school to continue.

○ You can choose to give us permission to hold your email address and other contact details after the competition has closed. This is optional.

○ Tick the box that says “I’m not a robot” and follow any further instructions. We use this control on all our forms to help protect our site from automated cyber attacks.

○ Click the Continue button.

○ A validation email will be sent to the provided contact email. Click on the link in that email to verify your email address and to continue to Step 2. If you do not receive the validation email within 10 minutes, please do the following before contacting the administrator:

■ Check for information on Spam Filters on our Help page and check your email spam folder.

■ Go to the “Register your school” page, re-submit your details and ensure that you enter a valid email.

■ Contact the administrator if you still don’t receive the validation email after doing the above.

Step 2

Please enter the your school details. Where possible this form will auto-complete, based on your school email address and school information from the Department for Education. If the form is empty, you can search for your school based on the school name, school URN or school postcode. Please complete all fields and check the accuracy of information provided.

○ Enter the school name if it’s not pre-filled.

○ Enter the school URN if it’s not pre-filled. You will need to provide your school’s Department for Education Unique Reference Number (your school administrators and Senior Leadership Team should know this). If you are unable to provide this, we will need to contact you before your registration can be approved.

○ Enter other school details.

○ Answer the survey questions.

○ On clicking the Register button, all details should be provided. If the system can identify your school based on the provided information, your registration will be approved automatically and you will be able to log in to create teams. Otherwise, we will contact you before approving your registration.

Creating teams

Once your account has been activated you can create a team by following these steps:

● Log in using your registered email and password.

● You can create up to 4 pupils in each team and up to 100 teams.

● From the My teams page, click the button to Create a team.

● Complete the details to create a new team:

○ Enter a unique team name.

○ Enter the first team member’s name. This should be their first name with an optional initial. Please don’t enter personal information for pupils i.e. full names.

○ Enter a unique username (this will be used to log in). You can click on “Generate” to get a unique username.

○ Continue to add additional team members.

○ Click “Create team”.

● You will receive an email containing the first name, username and a temporary passwords for each team member. Please print these details or forward via email to share with team members. If you don’t receive the email, please check for information on Spam Filters on our Help page.

Team members can only log in using their username and a temporary password when the competition is open (21 January - 28 January 2019). They will be prompted to choose their own password before seeing the competition details.

Replacing a team member

If somebody withdraws from the team or is replaced you simply over-type the old team member’s name with the new name in the name field. If this happens after the competition has started, the new team member will simply continue to progress from where the previous team member left. No challenges will be lost, or have to be re-completed.

During the competition

You will be able to log in and see the progress of your teams and reset any passwords. However, you will not be able to take part in the challenges that’s just for team members.

Resetting passwords

You can reset a team member password by clicking on the “Reset Password” button in the team edit page. The system will generate a new temporary password for the team member and prompt you with a team update message. You can click on the “Print New Password” button on this message to print the new password and share it with your team member. You will also receive a team update email which contains the new password.

If a team member forgets her password, she can reset her password from the Reset Password page. When she clicks on the “Reset” button on this page, you will receive an email with her new temporary password, which you can share with the team member so she can log in again.

You can reset your own password by clicking on the “Forgotten your password?” button on the Log in page. This will take you to the Reset Password page where you can request for a new temporary password to be sent to your email.

Completing challenges

Each challenge is derived from skills used every day by cyber security professionals and all can be answered using techniques freely available on the Internet and the open source tool CyberChef (Please note: if you wish to use CyberChef you will need to use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers).

The challenges are separated into three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and expert. Each level will have up to five challenges available at once, with more becoming unlocked as you progress.

We don’t expect all of the answers to be immediately obvious and suggest that the girls work, discuss and research together to solve as many challenges as you can. However, we have added in some hints to some of the challenges just in case they really get stuck.