Girls competition semi-final - new for 2020

New for the 2020 competition will be a semi-final phase. This phase of the competition is being delivered with support from our CyberFirst Industry and Government members.

CyberFirst Industry and government members will be contributing challenges for the semi-final round and will be hosting the semi-finals at their venues up and down the country.

How will my team qualify to be a Regional champion?

By taking part in the qualifying round a proportionate percentage of top scoring schools from Wales, NI, Scotland and 5 English regions will be invited to attend a regional semi-final where they will compete against schools from their region to win a place in the Grand Final.

Semi-finals will be held in;

  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • NI
  • North of England
  • Midlands
  • South West
  • South East
  • London

Irrespective of how many venues there are in each region, there will only be one winner from each.

When will I know if my team has got to the semi-final?

Schools will be notified no later than Friday the 24th January giving the schools two weeks to make the necessary arrangements. Due to the very quick turnaround of this semi-final phase we require the schools to inform the parents of the girls attending the semi-final as soon as possible.

It is up to the school to either assign a team guardian from the school to escort the girls and attend on the day or hand over the responsibility to the parents for the semi-final event only. To minimise disruption to the school week we have decided to hold the semi-final on Saturday 8th February. Any supporting paperwork, directions and permissions slips pertaining to the semi-final will be attached to your notification email.

Where will the semi-final be held?

The semi-final venues have all been offered by Industry or government – all of whom are exceptionally keen to ensure the girls have an amazing experience. I have tried to ensure the venues cover as wider area as possible to minimise travel for schools where possible. We will endeavour to allocate you a venue closest to your location. A list of venue areas will be published nearer the time.

What will the semi-final look like?

The semi-final round will have the same look and feel as the qualifier round and is made up of individual online challenges. These challenges will be written by our Industry colleagues and will have an Industry flavour of cyber security in their field. A schedule of the semi-final day will be published nearer the time.

Will my school be funded to attend the semi-final?

Unfortunately, due to the number of semi-finalists we will not be able to fund any travel to the semi- final events.

What equipment will the girls need to attend the semi-final?

On this occasion teams will be asked (unless stated otherwise in their semi-final instructions) to bring along either a laptop or tablet from home or school. Not all venues are able to supply IT equipment.
Will the girls and team guardians get lunch on the day?

Venues have been asked to supply refreshments during the day for all participants and their Team Guardians. Lunch will NOT be provided so teams and guardians are requested to bring their own lunch unless otherwise stated in their semi-final instructions.