Twitter Policy

The @NCSC Twitter account is managed by the NCSC Digital Engagement Team.

We don’t use any automation (such as tools which generate Tweets from RSS feeds) to post content on Twitter.

@NCSC is currently being run as a pilot and is subject to review. We intend to use the feed as an additional way of engaging with our intended audience, namely UK government, its supply chain and the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). These tweets are aimed particularly at our intended audience and should be of particular interest to this audience.

We aim to tweet regularly about NCSC activities, so that those who follow us on Twitter can be the first to learn our latest news.

Our tweets may include alerts about:

  • new guidance publications
  • news stories
  • NCSC events

Following @NCSC

If you follow our Twitter feed, you will be among the first to learn about NCSC announcements and information.


We will review all @messages every day, but as a general rule, will only reply when we feel it is a matter on which our intended audience would benefit from a response; in other words, we will not reply to individual concerns that we don’t feel are relevant to this audience. If you need an individual response, it’s best to contact us using our webform.

Even if we do not reply to you directly, it doesn’t mean that we are not listening to you, and, we will try to respond to general trends within the Twitter feed.

We will generally not respond to Direct Messages.

Following Others

We will not automatically follow an account that follows us. We will follow other government departments and organisations that we have an official relationship with. The fact that we follow a Twitter account does not imply endorsement of any kind.


We may refer to existing hashtags that are in common use. This is in order to categorise messages for ease of reference. It does not imply endorsement of any kind.


We will manage the NCSC’s Twitter account during normal office hours, Monday to Friday.